Your Village May be Entitled to Additional Revenue!

Gross Receipts and Franchise Fee Audits Uncover Monies Owed to Villages

Does your village collect utility gross receipts taxes from utilities and franchise fees?  If so, you may be owed thousands of dollars.

The NCVOA has entered into a referral agreement with Municipal Audit Services, LLC (Muni) referring and encouraging villages to avail themselves of Muni services.

Muni is a consulting company specializing in tax compliance and recovery of tax revenues from telecommunication service providers and utility companies in the form of gross receipts taxes and franchise fees paid by cable companies to municipalities in New York State.

By the end of 2018, Muni has provided audit services to 36 member villages and has recouped over $650,000 for NCVOA villages.  In addition to benefits realized by villages, the NCVOA also receives 5% referral fee from Muni.