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  • Atlantic Beach Wins Zoning Control Battle
    In 1962, Atlantic Beach became an incorporated village – the most recent Nassau County hamlet to incorporate. It quickly earned the distinction of being the only incorporated village in New York State without zoning control as the Nassau County Charter prohibits villages created after 1938 from having such power and vests it in the town ...
  • State Aid Continues to Fall Short

    A December 2014 report presented by Cornell University’s Department of City and Regional Planning, the Community and Regional Development Institute, and the Fiscal Policy Institute entitled State Austerity Policy & Creative Local Response, stated:

    “Currently, most government functions in New York State are handled by municipalities and school districts rather than the state. Local governments (except NYC) can only raise property taxes and fees, and have been keeping their expenditures steady over the past 10 years when adjusted for inflation.”

    “State aid for counties and towns has dropped dramatically over the past 10 years, while aid to villages is flat. School districts have also seen drops in state aid.”

  • Do You Know These Acronyms?
    Everyone knows what a NIMBY is, but did you know these land use acronyms: LULU – Locally unwanted land uses NOPE – Not on planet Earth BANANA – Build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything CAVEs – Citizens against virtually everything
  • Useful Tools & Information

    The website of the Office of the New York State Comptroller has many extremely useful tools and information for local government and more.  The url is For example, among its many publications is New Financial Tools for Local Officials for 2020 and Beyond.  It also includes information on seminars, including those specifically for local officials, and state and local government data.

  • Downside of IDA Deals

    Newsday published an editorial so entitled on September 22 (online on the prior day).  You can read it here.  We responded on September 25 with the following letter to the editor.

  • When You Are Sworn In
    When a mayor, trustee, officer of the NCVOA or other New York public officer takes his or her oath of office, he or she swears or affirms support of the US and NYS Constitutions. If you would like to read them, here are links: US CONSTITUTION — NYS CONSTITUTION — You might be interested in the following constitutional ...