January 2017

Post Office Box 484, New Hyde Park, NY 11040



Tuesday, January 10, 2017-6:30PM
Guest Speaker
Acting Police  Commissioner Thomas Krumpter

Nassau County Police Department

Westbury Manor
Westbury, NY

Acting Police Commissioner to Speak at January 10 Meeting

Acting Nassau Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter will be the guest speaker at the January 10 General Membership Meeting.

Commissioner Krumpter is no stranger to the NCVOA, having addressed the membership previously to explain changes in policing strategies and policies. With the recent announcement of several high-level police department promotions, it will be interesting to hear the Commissioner’s perspective on how these changes and others being planned will impact our communities. 

We hope to see you at the January 10, 2017 meeting….



 From the Desk of the President:   

Dear Mayors, Trustees and Friends:

Happy New Year! I hope you were able to take a well-deserved break from your responsibilities during the holiday season to enjoy some quality time with your families and friends. I think all village officials are especially thankful we did not have to deal with any snow or ice storms! I am hoping the milder weather will continue throughout the winter.

We begin the New Year with many changes in all levels of government. We have a new president with a background and philosophy much different than his predecessors. There are changes in the state assembly and senate that could impact this year’s legislative decisions. Now, more than ever, it is imperative the NCVOA become vigilant and highly visible in our efforts to protect our villages and residents.

As I explained in my previous messages, our main priority for 2017 is having the state increase AIM funding. Local governments have not received an increase since 2008, yet our operating costs and the costs of unfunded mandates have increased dramatically. After much deliberation, we believe this is a realistic, responsible and attainable goal. We have been sharing our position with other organizations and their responses have been encouraging. We are pleased the Suffolk County Village Officials Association, New York Conference of Mayors (NYCOM) and the Association of Towns also have adopted increasing AIM funding as one of their organizations priorities for the upcoming legislative session.

The challenge facing us in the next few months is convincing our state colleagues to support our position before a budget is finalized. It is critical we make a concerted and effective effort to communicate regularly. The NCVOA has prepared a draft letter for all mayors to adapt and send immediately to his/her state representatives regarding the need to increase AIM funding. This letter is being sent to you later this week. We need every mayor to join together in making our voices heard. I urge you to do your part to make our effort successful.

In addition to focusing our communication locally, Warren Tackenberg and I will be attending NYCOM’s Annual Legislative Meeting in Albany from February 12-14. This annual meeting addresses the State of the State initiatives. Following the formal program, we will be arranging private meetings with our respective state legislators.

January 10,  is the first meeting of 2017.

Our first General Membership Meeting of 2017 will be held Tuesday, January 10 at The Westbury Manor. The evening begins at 6:30 pm with a cocktail reception, followed by the meeting and program at 7:30 pm. I look forward to seeing you January 10.


Mayor Bernie Ryba, President

                                            DECEMBER 2016 MEETING ATTENDEES

Enjoying good food and good company- North Hills Trustee Phyllis Lentini, Great Neck Plaza Trustee Pam Marksheid, North Hills Mayor Marvin Natiss and Trustees Gail Cohen and Elliott Arnold, and Great Neck Plaza Trustee Gerry Schneiderman

Floral Park Mayor Tom Tweedy, NCVOA President Bernie Ryba, and NCVOA Executive Director Warren Tackenberg

Garden City Mayor Nick Episcopia, Stewart Manor Mayor Jerry Tangredi, Bellerose Trustee John Tweedy, and Great Neck Plaza Mayor Jean Celender

NCVOA Past Presidents Marvin Natiss, Roger Fay, and Ernie Strada



Proudly Ralph Ekstrand, mayor of the Village of Farmingdale and NCVOA treasurer, with Jorge Martinez, deputy mayor, Village of Freeport

Village of Baxter Estates Deputy Mayor Charles Comer, Mayor Nora Haagenson, and North Hills Trustee Elliott Arnold


Village of Kensington Mayor Susan Lopatkin and NCVOA Immediate Past President Barbara Donno

Westbury Trustee Bill Wise enjoys the food selection at the buffet





“There has never been a statute erected in the memory of someone who let well enough alone.”

Jules Ellinger