Village of Plandome

Incorporated in 1911 Population 1300
65 South Drive Phone (516) 627-1748
Plandome, NY 11030 Fax (516) 627-8419
Term of Office – 2 years


Mr. Thomas Minutillo Email Thomas Minutillo Next Election March 2023

Deputy Mayor

Mr. Donald Richardson Email Donald Richardson Next Election March 2024


Dr. Robert Broderick Next Election March 2024
Mr. Jake Kurkjian Next Election March 2023
Mr. James Corcoran, Esq. Next Election March 2023


Ms. Barbara Peebles Email Barbara Peebles


Mr. James D. Kiley, Esq. Next Election March 2029

Village Meetings

Meetings – 2nd Monday of every month at 7:00 pm

Fiscal Year

Fiscal year begins June 1st

Legislative Districts

Nassau County Legislative District # 11 NY State Senate District # 7 NY State Assembly District # 16 US Congressional District # 3