Village of Flower Hill

Incorporated in 1931 Population 4,500
One Bonnie Heights Road Phone (516) 627-5000
Manhasset, NY 11030 Fax (516) 627-5470
 Term of Office -2 years
Village Website:


Mr. Randall Rosenbaum Email Randal Rosenbaum Next Election March 2024

Deputy Mayor

 Mr. Brian Herrington Email Brian Herrington Next Election March 2024


Mr. Gary Lewandowski Email Gary Lewandowski Next Election March 2024
Mr. Frank Genese Email Frank Genese Next Election March 2023
Ms. Mary Jo Collins Email Mary Jo Collins Next Election March 2023
Ms. Claire Dorfman Email Claire Dorfman Next Election March 2024
Mr. Max Frankel Email Max Frankel Next Election March 2023


Ms. Ronnie Shatzkamer Email Ronnie Shatzkamer


Hon. Dennis Reisman Next Election March 2024

Village Meetings

Meetings – 1st Monday of every month at 7:30pm

Fiscal Year

Fiscal year begins June 1st

Legislative Districts

Nassau County Legislative District # 11 NY State Senate District # 7 NY State Assembly District # 16 US Congressional District # 3