Village of East Williston

Incorporated in 1926 Population 2503
2 Prospect Street Phone (516) 746-0782
Fax (516) 746-3130
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David Tanner Next Election March 2015

Deputy Mayor

Bonnie-Lou Parente


Robert Vella Jr. Email Robert Vella Jr. Next Election March 2016
Bonnie- Lou Parente Email Bonnie- Lou Parente Next Election March 2015
Christopher Sicliano Email Christopher Sicliano Next Election March 2016
Caroline DeBendittis Email Caroline DeBendittis Next Election March 2015


Marie Kimlicka Email Marie Kimlicka


Joseph Sperber June 2014 Email Joseph Sperber

Village Meetings

Meetings – 2nd Monday of every month

Fiscal Year

Fiscal year begins June 1st

Legislative Districts

Nassau County Legislative District # 9 NY State Senate District # 7 NY State Assembly District # 17 US Congressional District # 4