Village of South Floral Park

Incorporated in 1925 Population 1803
383 Roquette Avenue Phone (516) 352-8047
South Floral Park, NY 11001 Fax (516) 352-0651
Village Website:


Hon. Nyakya Brown Next Election March 2026

Deputy Mayor

Jennifer Bellamy Next Election March 2026


Porsha Lyons Next Election March 2026
Randy Jacques Next Election March 2024

Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer

Mary Long Email Mary Long


Hon. Paul Lawless Next Election March 2024

Village Meetings

Meetings – 1st Thursday of every month

Fiscal Year

Fiscal year begins June 1st

Legislative Districts

Nassau County Legislative District # 3 NY State Senate District # 7 NY State Assembly District # 22 US Congressional District # 4