President’s Message

Mayor Edward Lieberman

Mayor Edward Lieberman, President

Dear Colleagues:

    Thank you, our mayors and trustees, for placing your confidence and support in me by you electing me  as the president of the NCVOA for 2019-2020.
     I consider it a high honor and esteemed privilege to represent this organization and  all of our county’s 64 villages and officials.
     I not only look forward to working together with our newly elected officers and Executive Board, but also the mayors and elected officials of all of our member villages as we advance our agenda of that government which is closest to the people.
       To this end, I ask each village to participate in securing our common goals by attending our open membership meetings, expressing your particular issues in a collaborative manner, and amplifying our voices together in unison.
        We will continue to be an advocate for our fair share of state and county funding and other issues that we, as villages, face each day in the various aspects of our community life.
          We will strive to forge and solidify our working relationships with our County Executive and Legislature, as well as the New York Conference of Mayors (NYCOM) and the Suffolk County Village Officials Association (SCVOA).
         It is my hope that all of our villages, working together as a united team, will continue to grow as a strong voice throughout our larger community so that all of our 450,000 residents will be heard and benefit.
          Again, thank you for your support in  advancing our mutual concerns and the Nassau County Village Official’s Association.