NCVOA Committees

Association members are appointed to committees by the President of the Association. If you would like to serve on a committee or have suggestions or expertise for a new committee, please contact our Executive Director Ralph Kreitzman at or at 516-437-1455.

Current committees are:

Educational: According to NCVOA by-laws, the Educational Committee “shall keep in touch with all legislation whether of State, County or Town, pending or enacted, that will affect, directly or indirectly, villages in Nassau County and shall keep the membership informed by written or oral reports at membership meetings.” 

Advisory: “It shall be the duty and function of the Advisory Committee to confer with the Officers of the Association on any and all matters affecting the welfare of the Association whenever called upon to do so by the President.” This committee is comprised of all past presidents.

Shared Services: The Shared Services Committee function is to formalize our longstanding efforts to improve village efficiencies by identifying opportunities to share services with other villages as well as the towns and county.

Long-Range Planning: To ensure the NCVOA continues to improve efficiencies and plans for future challenges, the Long-Range Planning Committee exists. Its members are the current president, first vice president and last past president who still is a mayor.

Assessors Committee: To improve the standards of assessment practice, to provide a clearing house for the collection and distribution of useful information relating to assessment of real property, to educate village officials and staff on the nature and importance of performing the duties of an Assessment Department in a fair and transparent manner, to engage in research and improve assessment technique and practice, to cooperate with other village departments and agencies interested in the improvement of tax administration, and to promote equity in the distribution of the real estate tax.  

By-Laws: The function of this committee is to review and recommend revisions to our By-Laws.