The NCVOA sends to all our members and friends our sincerest best wishes for your good health and happiness throughout the year.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013 -7:00pm.

La Marmite Restaurant

Williston Park, NY 

Guest Speaker

 Len Schaier

Len Schaier is president of quietskies.net, a volunteer organization dedicated to reducing commercial aircraft and helicopter noise in the Metro NY area. He became involved in the helicopter noise issue with the large increase in helicopter traffic over the Town of North Hempstead about 5 years ago and with commercial aircraft noise when the FAA made significant changes in aircraft procedures in October 2011. 

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is asking for proposals for a new aircraft noise monitoring system that appears to require noise sensors at locations deeper into communities surrounding the PANYNJ airports. 


It is hoped that Mr. Schaier can bring us up to date on the current thoughts that may or may not create quieter skies for Long Island.

  From the President’s Desk:   

                                  Dear Mayors, Trustees and Friends:


Happy New Year! I hope you were able to enjoy the holidays and spend pleasant time with your family and friends.

I always look forward to the holiday season because I think it is a good time for reflecting and realizing our good fortunes. There is no doubt 2012 was a trying year for many. It is not easy to count blessings when you are immersed in tragedy, illness, or when your life has been dramatically disrupted. Despite the many obstacles we encounter daily, we do have a great deal to be thankful for. Personally, I am especially appreciative of the relationships I have with my family and friends. As mayor of the Village of Great Neck and president of the NCVOA, I am also grateful on many fronts:

  • For having my village and our organization represented by two state legislators  - Senator Jack Martins and Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel – who have the courage to make decisions based not on politics but on what is best for the residents they were elected to serve.
  • For having the privilege to serve as mayor of a village with a Board of Trustees whose focus is the well-being of their fellow residents. 
  • And for the opportunity to serve as NCVOA president and work closely with an Executive Director and Executive Committee who are truly talented and dedicated public servants 

As the eternal optimist, I am confident 2013 will be a positive year for us. While many serious challenges remain, I am confident we will continue to prosper and serve our residents better and more efficiently than any other level of government.

Dealing with Sandy

As many villages continue to work through the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it is obvious the storm’s devastating effects will linger for a long time. The Executive Committee recently listened to a presentation from representatives of WorldClaim, one of several public adjusters specializing in municipal claims management. They discussed the process for filing claims with FEMA and private insurance companies and explained how simple statements (and unwitting misstatements) could significantly impact the amount of a municipality’s reimbursement. For villages that experienced extensive destruction and cleanup expenses, it may be prudent to investigate using the services of licensed adjusters with extensive municipal claims experience.    

Redistricting Battle Continues  

Recently, I mentioned Town of North Hempstead’s redistricting plan that called for Plandome Heights to be separated from the other Plandomes. After appeals by Ken Riscica, its mayor, residents and the NCVOA, Plandome Heights remains with its sister villages. Just when we thought logic prevailes, a proposal emerged from the County’s Temporary Districting Advisory Commission to remove the Village of Lake Success from the nine-village Great Neck peninsula. The NCVOA and many others contacted the Commission to voice support for having the Village of Lake Success remain in the same legislative district as the eight other Great Neck villages and unincorporated hamlets. The response was received last Friday, December 28, 2012.  The latest proposal is for Lake Success to remain but the northern villages of Kings Point, Saddle Rock and about one-half of Great Neck to be separated.  The Executive Committee again has authorized the NCVOA to oppose that change.  The final hearing of the Commission is scheduled for Thursday, January 3 at 6 pm in the Legislative Chambers. Yes, we live in interesting times.

NYCOM Events:

NYCOM is sponsoring a code enforcement workshop on the morning of Thursday, January 24 in Great Neck.  Wade Beltramo, NYCOM’s General Counsel, will focus on dealing with vacant, neglected and abandoned properties, the NYS maintenance Code, prosecutions, inspection programs and more. This workshop  has been approved for two hours of code enforcement in-service training credit and two and a half hours of CLE credit.  Contact Eileen Silva at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in attending or want further information.

As noted below, all are invited to the NYCOM Winter Legislative Meeting in Albany on February 10 and 11.  My letter in last month’s newsletter reported on the NYCOM’s Fall Legislative Meeting and its legislative agenda for the upcoming session.

[Full disclosure  -  I am not mentioning the above because I am on the Executive Board of NYCOM.]

January General Membership Meeting:

We kick off 2013 with the January General Membership Meeting on Tuesday, January 8, at 7 pm at LaMarmite Restaurant in Williston Park. Our guest speaker will be Len Schaier, president of quietskies.net, a volunteer organization dedicated to reducing commercial aircraft and helicopter noise in the Metro NY area.

I look forward to seeing you January 8.

Ralph J. Kreitzman

 Save the Date:  

The New York State Conference of Mayors will hold it Winter Legislative Meeting on February 10-11, 2013 in the Hotel Albany. Following an evening session on Sunday, Monday will include a full day of meetings and lobbying efforts with statewide elected officials and Legislative leaders will take place. Topics will include:

·         Coping with the Tax Cap

·         Meaningful relief from State Mandates

·         Increasing State Aid

·         Emergency Management

·         Reducing Employee Benefit Cost

For more information, go to NYCOM’s website at www.nycom.org

  A Call for Help: 

The NCVOA has responded for a member village with regard to our support regarding a potential redistricting. The NCVOA under President Ralph Kreitzman signature has respectfully asked the Nassau County Redistricting Committee to strongly consider its position to redistrict the Village of Lake Success out of the Great Neck Peninsula. Such a redistricting would separate the Village from the other eight villages in the Great Neck Peninsula.   The NCVOA had also responded to the Town of North Hempstead potential redistricting of the village of Plandome Heights. The Town ultimately reconsidered and Plandome Heights still remains in a district with its sister Plandome villages.


 Moody’s Report: Fiscal Impact of Hurricane Sandy:

Reported  by Mayor David Tanner,  MBA Principal, 1st Vice President NCVOA 

Moody’s Investor Services published a Special Comment Report titled “Hurricane Sandy Unlikely to Threaten Public Finance Issuer’s Credit” on November 13, 2012. Below are four “take always” from the report. 

(1) Moody’s delineated the impact of storm related damage into short-term, medium-term and long-term time horizons. Short-term damage is classified as damage which created temporary operational disruptions, such as power outages and partial property/tree damage. Most of these costs are expected to be recouped from FEMA, and therefore pose no immediate credit threat. 

Medium-term damage is classified as significant property damage whereby properties become non-occupied for a period of a year or two. Moody’s expects that a majority of such properties will be reconstructed, reoccupied and the cost associated with such work to be recouped through FEMA. In that no permanent deterioration of a municipality’s tax base occurs under this scenario, with adequate budgeting measures taken, credit ratings are not expected to be impacted  

Long-term damage is classified as damage which is beyond repair and is deemed impractical to rebuild. The impact of long-term damage will likely lead to population loss, declines in real estate values and other generational changes to a tax base. Damage of this nature ultimately becomes problematic for a credit rating. 

(2) Establish an automated payment system for debt service payments, to assure payments are made in a timely manner. Of the New York and New Jersey municipalities and school districts monitored in the report, four failed to make timely debt service payments. Many municipals have prearranged with their banking institution to have timely payments made in the form of wire transfers. Debt Service payments are made to the Depository Trust Company,  (“DTC”), the industry clearing house for payments to bondholders. Another automated payment option is to enter into an agreement with the DTC which authorizes the DTC to debit an issuer’s bank account when payment is due. 

(3) Evaluate your tax base. If you are in a community which experienced significant property loss, the likely hood of collecting real property taxes on a non-occupied or destroyed home is in question. Plan accordingly. Adjust your tax roll as may be appropriate and carry a larger reserve for uncollectable taxes in your upcoming operating budget. 

(4) Moody’s expects that many municipalities will require short term borrowing to alleviate cash flow shock, due to unbudgeted expenditures for storm emergency management and clean-up. Such borrowing in the short-term, overall will not be considered “credit-negative”.

                                                   NCVOA December 2012 Meeting Attendees

Francis Murray, mayor, Village of Rockville Centre and NCVOA President Ralph Kreitzman.

Gerry Tangredi, trustee, Village of Stewart Manor; Ed Oppenheimer, trustee, Village of Rockville Centre; Ernie Strada, former mayor, Village of Westbury and NCVOAand NYCOM past president; and Warren Tackenberg, NCVOA executive director, spread holiday cheer during the reception.

Peter Cavallaro, mayor, Village of Westbury and NCVOA treasurer, with Ernie Strada, former mayor, Village of Westbury and NCVOA and NYCOM past president.

John Coyne from Phone Review explains his company’s process for auditing telephone bills to Don Brudie, mayor, Village of Garden City.

Nick Episcopia, trustee, Village of Garden City, listens to a a good story from Larry Werther, trustee, Village of Mineola.

David Tanner, mayor, Village of East Williston and NCVOA 1st vice president; Steve Mahler, mayor, Village of Atlantic Beach and NCVOA past president; and Jean Celender, mayor, Village of Great Neck Plaza were still talking about the impact of Hurricane Sandy on their respective villages.

Don Ryan, trustee, Village of Hempstead; Bill Wise, trustee, Village of Westbury; and Bert Patterson, Town of Hempstead enjoy spending time together at the cocktail reception.

Al Solomon, trustee, Village of Plandome Heights; Village of Great Neck Plaza Trustees Pamela Markshield and Jerry Schneiderman; and Mark Birnbaum, trustee, Village of Great Neck were in the holiday spirit.  

Warren Tackenberg, NCVOA executive director; John Tweedy, trustee, Village of Bellerose; and John Kiernan, NCVOA Albany lobbyist.

Scott Strauss, mayor, Village of Mineola; Ralph Kreitzman, mayor, Village of Great Neck and NCVOA president; and Ed Oppenheimer, trustee, Village of Rockville Centre.

It is not often three NCVOA past presidents who also served as executive directors have the opportunity to spend the evening together. That is why it was a special night for Jack McGowan, Roger Fay, and Warren Tackenberg to reminisce.

Members attending the December Holiday Meeting enjoyed the cocktail reception and delicious holiday buffet at LA Marmite Restaurant.


As an added surprise, former Village of Mineola mayor and current NYS Senator Jack Martins stopped by to see old friends and extend holiday wishes. Jack posed for a photo with NCVOA 1st Vice President David Tanner.




The Last Word: 

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties”.   Helen Keller