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                       THURSDAY,  SEPTEMBER 18, 2014



                          MAYOR DAVID E.TANNER

                                      OF THE

                     VILLAGE OF EAST WILLISTON



Westbury Mayor Elected NCVOA President


At the June 26, 2014 Annual Meeting, the NCVOA membership elected Peter I. Cavallaro, mayor of the Village of Westbury, president for 2014-2015. In addition to Mayor Cavallaro, NCVOA officers elected to serve in 2014-15 include:

  • 1st Vice President:       Barbara Donno, mayor, Village of Plandome ManorNassau County Clerk Maureen O’Connell addresses the membership
  • 2nd Vice President: Bernie Ryba, mayor, Village of Old Brookville
  • Treasurer: Robert Kennedy, mayor, Village of Freeport

Mayor Cavallaro is a life-long resident of the Village of Westbury. In March 2009, he was elected the 11th Mayor in village history. He also served ten years on the Village Board of Trustees and 12 years as a member of its Planning Board.

In 2010, Mayor Cavallaro was elected to the NCVOA Executive Committee and has served as treasurer, 2nd vice president and 1st vice president. Mayor Cavallaro’s past government service included serving as a Commissioner of    the Town of North Hempstead Housing Authority; member of the Town of North Hempstead Historical Preservation Board; and staff member for the NYS Senate Majority Leader.

Mayor Cavallaro has been active in many governmental, professional, community, philanthropic and charitable endeavors. He is a merit badge counselor for the Boy Scouts and he and his wife, Diane, are active members of St. Brigid’s Parish. He currently serves as the secretary of the Thomas Hartman Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. He also was a director of EAC and trustee of the Henry Viscardi School of the National Center for Disability Services. In addition to the NCVOA, Mayor Cavallaro is a member of NYCOM and the Nassau Bar Association.

Maureen O’Connell (l), Nassau County Clerk and a former Village of East Williston trustee and NYS legislator, administered the oath of office to President Peter Cavallaro, 1st vice president Barbara Donno, 2nd vice president Bernard Ryba, and Treasurer Robert Kennedy.



            I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those Mayors and Trustees who I don’t know. I am Peter Cavallaro, Mayor of Westbury and the new President of NCVOA for the 2014-15 year. I’ve been in village government for 27 years, having previously served on my Village’s Board of Trustees and Planning

NCVOA President-elect Peter Cavallaro addresses the membership following the formal installation ceremony

Board. I’ve had the privilege of serving on NCVOA’s executive board since 2010.

            First, I’d like to thank the membership for placing its confidence in me to serve as the Association’s president. I want to thank Past President David Tanner for the terrific job he did during his year as President, and for leaving the Association in great shape. I want to congratulate and thank my fellow Mayors who will be serving on the Executive Board with me: Plandome Manor Mayor Barbara Donno, First V.P.; Old Brookville Mayor Bernard Ryba, Second V.P.; and Freeport Mayor Robert Kennedy, Treasurer. I look forward to working with each of them, and the Association’s directors, as well as Executive Director Warren Tackenberg and Marketing Director Eric Ricioppo to further our Association’s goals during the coming year.

As you all know, local governments have been under increasing pressure from economic forces, the State and Federal governments and other external sources in recent years. The fiscal and other pressures on us have increased significantly while the resources at our disposal (including state and federal funding assistance) have diminished. At the same time, state unfunded mandates continue to be unabated. Accordingly, our efforts to help shape state policy and direction are increasingly critical. Fortunately, we have had tremendous support from our local legislators, particularly State Senators Dean Skelos and Jack Martins, and Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel.

NCVOA must continue to be vigilant and aggressive in our efforts to protect our municipalities, and our residents.

In light of all of the foregoing, I see our priorities for the coming year to be:

  • Continuing to monitor and respond to further state-attempted unfunded mandates, and seeking where possible relief from existing mandates
  • Monitoring and responding to further State attempts to limit zoning authority, SEQRA authority and similar home-rule powers, including attempts at implementing an over-reaching and intrusive water authority scheme
  • Developing, with our County and Town partners mechanisms and means to promote service sharing, joint purchasing and other efficiency measures, to meet the standards and requirements set out in the most recent NYS budget
  • Working with our State and County Boards of Election to secure a permanent solution to the lever voting machine issue
  • Continuing our attempts to create greater awareness of the benefits of village government

            Village government has always been the most responsive and efficient level of government. We need to make that fact known to our residents, and to the State and Federal officials who represent us. Along these lines, we need to build on Mayor Tanner’s initiative of doing a better job of publicizing village success stories and better articulating NCVOA’s positions to our residents and policy makers.

            I look forward to the coming year and the challenges that it will present to us. I look forward to working with all of our Village officials to promote our goals. If you haven’t been to an NCVOA meeting in a while, please make sure to come. If we haven’t met, please come and introduce yourself.

                                                                        Peter I. Cavallaro




The NCVOA Office of Emergency Management, directed by Roger Goodwin and working in conjunction with the County Office of OEM, has put together an important program for the benefit of all our villages. All Emergency Managers, Village Mayors and Trustees are cordially invited to attend this meeting. The sudden storm in the first week of July should be a warning sign to all of our members that disaster can happen anytime anywhere and we need to be prepared.

We have confirmed the date, time and location of the NC OEM seminar in Emergency Management. Date: July 23, 2014-Time 7:00pm.

Place: Nassau County Office of Emergency Management, 510 Grumman Road West, Bethpage.

We would appreciate a good turnout from the villages to show OEM our commitment to disaster preparedness.


                   Agenda: All Hazards Preparedness


Planning & Preparedness


120 Hour Timeline




EOC Operations


Discuss Resource requests at the time of an emergency




Discuss the Governors Tier 3 Training for all Emergency Managers and First Responders


Scheduled Training at the Morrelli Center


Quarterly meetings


CERT & Community Based Focuses


New CERT Director


CERT expansion


Localized Emergency Management


Please mark calendars for this important meeting.

June 2014 Meeting Attendees



Nassau County Clerk Maureen O’Connell with newly elected NCVOA officers: President Peter Cavallaro; 1st Vice President Barbara Donno, 2nd Vice President Bernie Ryba; and Treasurer Bob Kennedy.

Nassau County Clerk Maureen O’Connell administers the oath of office to Treasurer Bob Kennedy, 1st Vice President Barbara Donno, and 2nd Vice President Bernie Ryba. 


NCVOA Immediate Past President David Tanner; Ernie Strada, former Westbury Mayor and NCVOA and NYCOM past president; NCVOA President-elect Peter Cavallaro; and Stewart Manor Mayor Jerry Tangredi.

Freeport Mayor and Treasurer-elect Bob Kennedy, Stewart Manor Mayor Jerry Tangredi, and Bayville Mayor Doug Watson 

NCVOA Executive Director Warren Tackenberg; NCVOA President-elect Peter Cavallaro; Atlantic Beach Mayor-elect George Pappas; and Cedarhurst Village Administrator Sal Evola.

 North Hills Mayor and NCVOA Past President Marvin Natiss, and Plandome Manor Mayor and NCVOA 1st Vice President-elect Barbara Donno
 North Hills Village Officials Deputy Mayor Dennis Sgambati, Trustee Gail Cohen, and Mayor Marvin Natiss  Old Brookville Mayor and 2ndVice President-elect Bernie Ryba, and Great Neck Mayor and NCVOA Past President Ralph Kreitzman
 Roslyn Estates Mayor Jeff Schwartzberg and Nassau County Clerk Maureen O’Connell  Village of Westbury Trustee Steve Corte; NCVOA Executive Director Warren Tackenberg; and Centre Island Mayor Lawrence Schmidlapp
 Village of Westbury Trustee Steve Corte and Great Neck Plaza Mayor Jean Celender