Incorporated in 1853 Population 63000
99 Nichols Court Phone (516) 489-3400
  Fax (516) 483-4313
 Term  of Office 4 years
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Don Ryan Next Election March 2021

Deputy Mayor



La Mont Johnson Email Next Election March 2021
Perry Pettus Email Perry Pettus Next Election March 2019
Charles Renfoe Email Next Election March 2021
Vacant Email Next Election


Patricia Perez Email Patricia Perez  


 Ayesha K. Brantley   Nexy Election March 2021

Village Meetings

Meetings - 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month

Fiscal Year

Fiscal year begins June 1st

Legislative Districts

Nassau County Legislative District # 12 NY State Senate District # 6 NY State Assembly District # 18 US Congressional District # 4