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“Local government is the foundation of democracy,
if it fails, democracy will fail” - Robert W. Flack.

Welcome to the NCVOA

Welcome to the home page of the Nassau County Village Officials Association (NCVOA), an organization representing Nassau County, New York's  64 incorporated villages and their 435,000 residents.

Most of Nassau County’s  villages enjoy a long history, having been created more than one  hundred years ago to provide efficient services under local control and  the watchful eye of residents. The longevity of our villages formed  during the more rural days of Nassau County  is not surprising because people want to live in an incorporated village  for one simple reason, they desire a special quality of life and level  of services. They do not  want a government that is distant, unresponsive, and costly.

The Hon. Ralph Kreitzman, president NCVOA

Dollar  for dollar, village government is the most efficient and cost effective  vehicle for providing basic services that residents need and want.  Unlike towns or cities, villages do not have high salaried senior  officials or multi layers of bureaucracies and duplication. Nearly all  mayors and trustees serve part-time and receive little, if any,  compensation

As mayors and trustees we serve the  residents of the communities in which we live, and many of our  constituents are our friends and neighbors.

In addition to  being organized with economically efficient staffs, villages have taken  the lead in controlling rising costs by sharing services and equipment.

I  invite you to discover the many diverse benefits of living in an  incorporated village by clicking on any of the links to our individual  villages. I am sure you will quickly learn why village government is  known as “the government closest to the people.”

Ralph Kreitzman, mayor of the Village of Great Neck  and NCVOA President  

"That government is the strongest of which every man feels himself a part"     Thomas Jefferson



The Nassau County Village Officials Association, comprising 64 incorporated villages in Nassau County,New York was created in 1925 as an organization for encouraging and stimulating cooperation among the member villages for their mutual benefit and welfare. To this end, the NCVOA is dedicated to providing village officials with a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences in the administration of their municipal duties; developing educational programs and conferences to assist village officials with implementing their civic responsibilities; studying and discussing various activities and actions that will benefit the public safety, health and welfare of the member villages governed by these officials; and investigating and discussing the most efficient means and methods of village government.

"The best government is that which teaches us to govern ourselves"    Johann Von Goethe
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As a member of the Nassau County Village Officials Association, you can take advantage of numerous resources to assist you in your role as a village mayor or trustee. One of the more important benefits is access to breaking news and information.

That is why you should subscribe to Village News, the NCVOA’s regular newsletter. As a subscriber you will receive the latest information about items of interest that impact you and your residents, including Albany legislative updates, new programs and activities, shared services, and special meetings and notices to name a few.

Stay informed by subscribing to Village Newsletter today. It’s easy. Just go to our Navigation side and click on "Newsletter" for the latest edition.

Gas Program Expires: Options Being Explored

As we previously communicated to member villages, the 8% discount offered by East Coast Power and Gas via the NCVOA expired September 30, 2012.

We currently are exploring all viable options and will post on our website any new programs we are able to secure that will benefit villages and their residents.


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